About “Submersible Series” from Panerai Watches

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It was on a day sometime in March 1936 that the the Royal Italian Navy chose Officine Panerai’s Radiomir for the missions of its frogmencommandos. This new watch was the first professional military underwater watch in history. It combined water-resistance with another feature which made it truly unique in its field: the powerful luminosity in the dark, which meant that the dial was perfectly legible even in the most extreme underwater conditions in which the Italian frogmen operated. This watch is defined in military records as the “Radiomir”, a name identifying the model of the watch, but which was actually the original name of the self-luminous paste developed by Panerai to coat the figures and hands of its watches.

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Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days. PAM604

By: Erwan Grey Photographer

Panerai-RADIOMIR-FIRENZE-PAM604-19Text by: Ariel Adams (ABTW)

For 2015, has a few interesting new watches, but my favorite is the Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days Acciaio 47mm aka PAM00604 (PAM604). This is really a watch for collectors, and Panerai has made especially sure that the PAM604 very much fits into Panerai lore, being available for sale exclusively in the brand’s flagship boutique store in Florence, Italy, or Firenze in Italian – the city where the Panerai brand started. Hence the name of the watch “Radiomir Firenze.”
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