Informations about me and my philosophy

Erwan Grey has been photographer since 20 years. He is an autodidact in both technique and composition. His extensive travels and passion for photography have compelled him to use the camera to freeze vivid images, not only for his own memory, but also to inmortalize them

Grey is a traveler, a tireless adventurer, and a lover of nature. He has photographed from the pluvial port of Manaos in Brazil to the mount Everest base camp in the Himalayas, from the Xavante tribe into the Matto Grosso, to the paradoxically happy poverty of the Kathmandu slums and the plight of the tibetan people, the untamed wolves from united states, the ancestral tribes from Java, or the best fashion models in the world.

When I shoot, myself is growing, enlarging, and in every shot, in every photo, I fantasize my dreams of freedom. Each photo is any instant I turn into magic, because I turned into eternity.

As a Biology graduate and freelance photographer, Grey, is dedicated to all types of photography, from nature to sports, from portraiture to photo journalism and the fashion runway. He continues to explore ways to manipulate light because the myriad perspectives and ideas that flow from this exploration inspire him to further develop his art.

Currently Grey Works for the international specialized magazines, as well as for prívate clients and nature organizations. He lives continuously traveling over the world, and have your residence in Valencia (Spain), the land where he was born.